Magento is the eCommerce software and platform trusted by the world's leading brands and currently is the fastest growing E-commerce platform. NetSuite is the leading integrated cloud business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM and E-commerce software. Our Magento Synchronisation for NetSuite combine the flexible eCommerce feature of Magento with the powerful CRM system of NetSuite. We are glad to announce that our extension is passed Magento inspection and now available on Magento connect:

1. How to use
Our extension is designed so that even a none technical background user could easily configure and control the full system. Just input the NetSuite credential and then click on the validate button, the system will connect to NetSuite server and confirm if the login detail are correct.

Admin can manually config to match the existing customer group in Magento with another one in NetSuite. Otherwise the system will automatically create a new customer group and import all the customers inside.

Similarly you could also match the product attribute in NetSuite with Magento, which also apply for matrix product (configurable products in Magento)

And also matching the categories ( all products in the categories will be synchronised to match

2. Customers Synchronisation
Under Netsuite/ Customers you will find the Sync management dashboard. You can either choose Sync all from NetSuite or Sync back to NetSuite. The system will then Sync automatically in the background and an email will be sent to the owner once the sync is complete There is another option is that you sync the item manually. You can sync up to 5 items at the same time by just input the internal ID of the items( separate by the commas ) into the box and press Sync ( see picture). All the records of the Sync will be displayed under the table below

3. Products & Categories Synchronisation
Similar to the Customer Sync, there will be the sync all button as well as sync manually. All the attribute that is matched in the configuration will be sync accordingly. For each Matrix product, the system will create a configurable product in Magento and create child products and link to them accordingly.

For categories, each of the category will be follow the exact structure on NetSuite. It will also bring all the products inside on NetSuite to Magento

4. Orders & Invoices Synchronisation
Each time the order Sync it will match all the detail in the order in NetSuite ( invoices, product ordered, shipping, payment status etc)

And that it!!! No complicate configuration, just install with your NetSuite login and you will able to Sync right away. Our support team will always be available if you need help. Here is the link for online purchase of our extension:

Feel free to leave your comment below for feedback. All suggestions are welcome!!! This is a SaaS product and the price mentioned is yearly subscription price

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