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ToBai Extended Brand - brand extension for Magento

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    Default ToBai Extended Brand - brand extension for Magento

    ToBai Extended Brand gives you multiple abilities to perform your brand or any other product attribute in the best way. Splash pages can be fully customized and products grid can be filtered with ToBai Extended Navigation (you should also install free extension ToBai BrandNav Bridge). Information about brand or any other attribute can be performed in different ways on product page, category page, search page or tag page. All brands page and brand menu can be easily configured in admin panel as well as all other functionality of the extension.

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    This application gives you opportunity to use all functionality for multiple attributes. You can choose which of the attributes should be extended in functionality by the extension. You can pick up one attribute or you can choose multiple attributes.

    The extension's functionality code is 100% Open Source. The quality of the code will be pleasantly surprised!

    Brands in the layered navigation
    Products grid on Brand/Attribute Splash page can be filtered with ToBai Extended Navigation (you should also install free extension ToBai BrandNav Bridge)

    Brands menu
    The Brand/Attribute can be just a link in menu or it can contain a block of Brand/Attribute options as submenu. Order and number of your brands and options can be easily configured in admin panel.

    Compatible with default attributes functionality
    ToBai Extended Brand automatically uploads all new attribute options and changes to these options made on the default magento attribute edit page.

    All brands page
    You can choose layout of the page, list mode, sort order.

    Brands Information
    Title, description, icons, logos, company URLs - all these information can be easily configured and outputed on Product page, Category page, Search page...

    For developers
    Extension is easy to customize with separated layout form and CSS. Product attributes are extended using EAV technology, so you can add multiple new attributes for additional information (customizing extension code).


    Allows custom settings per store view;

    Enables your customers to shop by multiple attributes;

    Enables you to optimize brand pages for search engines by specifying custom meta-tags and SEO-friendly URLs;

    Comes with User Manual and Installation Guide;

    Demo site is available by this URL.

    ToBai Extended Brand is available at Magento Connect.

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    If you need to organize your brands, Magento Shop By Brand is the one you're looking for. We've had a lot of problems because of THEME that we are using but their support team fixed all of our problems.

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    You can also try this advance shop by brand module that comes with some out of the box features like

    - Brand slider,
    - Brand categories
    - Alphabetical filter
    - Advance brand search bar
    - and much more

    View Demo here -

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    Hello there! If you are still looking for an advanced tool to make the product search easy for your customers, here you can try this module: Shop By Brand Magento 2 Extension.

    This extension allows customers to find their favorite brand quickly and easily without browsing here and there. It helps to make the shopping process hasslefree especially for those customers who prefer to buy products from only certain brands/manufacturers.

    This extension creates a custom brand page that displays a list of brands with a product brand logo. By clicking on any brand will display a list of products under that brand from where customer can select their need and make purchases.

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    Highlighted Features:

    • Store owner can add unlimited products under each brand
    • Use WYSIWYG for brand description on the brand edit page
    • Ease of Uploading Brand Image/Logo to showcase your brand beautifully.
    • This extension will enable the top link for the shop by brand for pages.
    • This extension will enable the footer link for the shop by brand for pages.
    • Set brand limits for sidebar & home page.
    • Set Shop by brand header text. Give a title to your page with a block.
    • This extension will enable shop by the brand slider in the home page.
    • Set Unique Identifier for Brand Name like labeling for frontend showcase.
    • Customize SEO Friendly Brand Page URL to get more benefits.

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