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Tips for accelerating sales and growth in any eCommerce website

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    Default Tips for accelerating sales and growth in any eCommerce website

    Over the past ten years ecommerce has raised its popularity day by day. As of today most of the businesses across the world have their own respective websites and they try to optimize its profit with a wide range of marketing tools: -

    Are you the proud owners of one of those websites? If your answer is yes than you might be interested in following tips in order to accelerate your sales: -

    Tip 1: - Provide your customer with more gifts to raise their purchase motivation.

    The biggest reward you can offer to your customer is a free gift when they place an order. It’s actually a very general psychology that people love to get “free” gifts. Whenever a customer visits your website for the first time, its eye catching gifts that help to attract them in order to find out more about your main products later on. Or whenever they tend to buy one of your products, the attached free gifts might motivate them to make their purchasing decision faster without any doubt.

    Tip 2: - Reward your customers with points for every action on your site this will increase their loyalty.

    It’s wonderful to catch customer’s attention at first site with free gifts. However for increasing customer’s retention and build their loyalty, rewarding point is very much recommended. You can reward each and every action of your customer like signing up, buying products, posting product reviews, inviting friends on to your site etc.

    Reward your customers for every action on your website and they would reward you very soon by returning more often.

    Tip 3: - Make the checkout process faster so that it saves your customers valuable time.

    Just imagine you tend to buy one product on a website and you have to finish six complicated steps all with annoying and unnecessary questions, do you feel annoyed? As it appears to be the same case for every online customer. It is also perhaps the main reason why the rate of shopping cart abandonment is so high.

    In order to save customers time and increase the convenience in those cases. One of the practical solutions would be to reduce as many unnecessary steps as possible. At the moment “ one step checkout” is the best solution. All your customers would require to do is log in to their account and take advantage of one step ordering.

    Tip 4: - Build larger network of affiliates to help popularize your website.

    Besides marketing on your own website “affiliate marketing” is also good for building large networks of those who can help you market the site everywhere possible and drive more sales from their potential sources.

    For more information visit :

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    Rewarding customers for their loyalty will maintain a good relationship with your customers and boost them to do more business with you. There are more loyalty programs and apps are developed to increase loyal customers in the business.

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    Do you think, offering reward points will really increase the customer loyalty?


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