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According to some recent research, there are an increasing number of customers who use mobile phones for shopping. Hence, Cmsideas have created Magento Mobile Theme that will help store owners make use of mobile device for your business as much as possible.Magento mobile theme is a indispensable Magento theme which allows you to install into your Magento store, and set up the configuration on color, layout and so on to fit with your current theme.
Moreover, whenever a shopper browses your website via mobile devices, the mobile system automatically detects and switch to the mobile layout. Then you have a perfect mobile website and users can go shopping and make payment via their mobile interfaces. This theme can work well on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7, Palm Pre and many other devices. Give your visitors a beautiful interface of your Magento store.


· Ability to detects and work with smartphone automatically
· Easy to change design and layout, logo
· Can be installed on sub domain
· Resolution independence
· Just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
· Google Analytics account for mobile view
· Multi store support
· Device rotation support
· iOS 6 support
· Windows Phone compatibility
· Android support
· BlackBerry OS 6 compatibility
· Easy to Install & Customize
· Easy, Simple, Beautiful & Powerful
· Quickly and easily create a storefront optimized for mobile devices so customers can shop even when they’re on the go.
· Have beautiful mobile menu
· Have useful Search tool
· Integrate Smart Shopping cart & Fast checkout

For more information and demo, please check at Magento Mobile Theme

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