Conversion rate is something that turns a random visitor into your potential buyer. As an ecommerce store owner your only and primary aim should be increase of the conversion rate. But when you initiate your crusade for customer’s love and affection, you don’t have to walk down this road all alone. I am listing some points below that you can follow to keep your conversion rate high and intact: -
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How to handle conversion rate?

Conversion rate is a very important factor that requires special attention and treatment. Only if you analyze properly as to what works really for your store than only you will get a clue to understand how to form the required marketing strategy for your magento store rightly.

The best thing that you could do here is to segment your conversion rate by following factors as listed below: -

Acquisition channels: -

Through acquisition channel you will get an insight into whether your SEO or email marketing needs any changes. Besides this you will also know which social network your customers are using, so that you can spend your SMM budget in getting a much better results.

Social reference statistics could be quiet surprising. Few months ago shopify platform published the result of a research as conducted by them in which it studied 37 minute social media visits. The research depicted that a prominent fashion social network along with instagram and pinterest users are buying a lot more then the fans of twitter or even LinkedIn which actually is a red signal for those who work in fashion and design industry to start promotions in these networks.

Devices used: -

Another very important issue is of which devices your customer uses. As per the main trend of 2014 mobilification has become very huge and tablets intend to boost your overall conversion rate almost equal to computers one. Do check if it’s the case with your industry and provide your customers with a convenient mobile version or you can also create a special application for your users.

Purchase time: -

Knowledge of what day or week or even month you sell best lets you manage your promotion and discount strategy more effectively. Besides all this you would also know when you need to buy more in stock so that you can satisfy the demands of your customers.

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