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Python or PHP?

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    A difficult question, neither we would say. There are some pros and cons in both of them. In some cases Python would be recommended e.g. creating apps for systems, but usually the PHP wins because of its popularity.
    Python code can be definitely shorter and more clean. The fact is that PHP is far more widely used for nearly all kinds of software development solutions which gives it a huge advantage.
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    Hey Sara Evans, very good Question. You did put things right I'm a PHP programmer fighting to switch to python (which I already knew was better) for quite some time.

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    Both languages ​​have different purposes and history, and it is not fair to compare. I'll try to list the things I like both.

    Forgiving: PHP is one of the most languages ​​"freeform" I used probably comparable only to Javascript.
    Easier learning curve: You can quickly start coding in PHP with an understanding or basic programming experience. This was the main purpose PHP was created to serve. This also helps in faster development.
    Amateur consistent: The code does not need to be stylish for this to work. I think this is the main reason for it to have become the most popular language for web development. You can cook some code in a hurry, and it works.
    Open source communities: There is a huge community and open source projects using PHP. It's easy to get support if you have a roadblock.
    The de-facto language for the web: Most popular web frameworks (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Zend, CodeIgniter, OSCommerce) are built on PHP. Which also makes it very easy to find a PHP web developer who knows.
    Support Accommodation: Because of the popularity, PHP hosting is supported by almost all vendors there.
    PHP 5 is actually a huge improvement over previous versions in terms of design language, etc.

    Syntax and standard library: I love the clarity of the Python syntax. Ships of the Python standard library with a large set of tools and utilities.
    Common use: Python can be run on servers, to build applications and in many other places.
    Elegant: Python language has a stylish design that makes it much easier to write great code.
    Unicode support: Python has great support for Unicode.
    Modular and definitive: Python is less eccentric to PHP.

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