From time to time, you might find the need to re-index Magento via the command line. This could be for a whole host of reasons, for example, if the indexer is timing out or not finishing through the web interface.

Magento includes an indexing script and you can find it in theshellfolder.

From here, you have a number of commands at your disposal.

Checking for the status of all indexes

php indexer.php --status
Re-indexing a single index

Each index has its own index key that you can use to reference it when asking Magento to re-index. To get these keys, you can use the following command:

php indexer.php --info
To reindex a single index, run the following command.

php indexer.php --reindex [Index Option Code]
This can be comma delimited for multiple indices:

php indexer.php --reindex catalog_product_price,catalog_url,catalog_product_flat

Re-index all indices
The following code will loop through each index and re-index it.

php indexer.php --reindexall

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