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Cmsmart is one of the leading companies of Magento. We have developed many great extension products that make a deep impression on customers. Although on the market there are many competitive products of competitors, Cmsmart makes great effort and builds a personal & professional styles. Recently, Cmsmart has published many hot products. If you are seeking a way to improve usability and navigation on your online stores, Magento Mega Menu is exactly what you need. The extension helps you organize products and categories in an excellent way. Magento Mega Menu Extension allows both user and administrator to manage and display all kinds of information flexibly optimizing your website navigation performance.

How does it work?

- Most Magento end-users do not have knowledge and skills like a developer, they often deal with menu management on website content development. The default Magento menu system is basic and it lacks of advanced functions, that's why we initiate Mega Menu Magento extension which can help you simplify menu system management on your Magento website. Our Mega Menu Magento extension has an attractive horizontal menu to organize your categories, sub-categories and products easily.
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- You can put Home section on menu. Besides, you easily select background and color for each category.
- You easily hide or show sub-categories on menu. You can hide or show thumbnails for each category on menu. Also, you can decide how many columns of sub-categories will be displayed when a shopper hover parent categories on menu. Moreover, you can select numbers of products to show in categories.
- You can select where a block is placed. It can be on top, left, right or bottom. You can also set block width on right or left sides. There are options to hide or show blocks
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-Possible to add static contents to display in line with the list of sub-menus (changeable position: above, below, left, right in accordance with the sub-menus)

In the feature, to maintain and develop on the international market, it is necessary and useful for Cmsmart to make a specific and professional style so that customer all over the world will give good reviews when using our products. Our team will try our best to support and guide you because you are our king.
Thanks very much and Best regards!
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