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Add Multiple Products To Cart

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    Default Add Multiple Products To Cart

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    Customers come on the website and have to do Multiple add to carts on Category page to add Products to Cart. Sometimes they need to go inside the Products details page to change the Quantity if they want more then one.

    View Extension:

    The extension makes this process much more comfortable for customers. With it, Customers can select multiple products and add all to the cart with a single click. This extension will allow the users to enter the Quantity from Category page itself.

    This will ease the shopping experience of the Customer and allows Customers to add bulk products with Single Go.

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    Magento Ajax cart is a very useful extension for Magento store. With this Magento extension, your customers can add as many products to cart as possible or remove items from cart without having to hit “Update” button and wait for pages to reload.ONLY $ 49 click now :

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    It’s working with all product types: simple products, virtual products, downloadable products, grouped products, configurable products, bundle products. It’s also working well with Wishlist page and shopping cart page.

    Ajax cart is a state-of-the-art improvement for your existing Magento website whatever it is selling or providing. Compared to a default Magento store when customer clicks on Add to cart button on any pages it will go to product details page then customer will add product to cart. However, with Ajax cart extension customer can add products to cart instantly without going to product details page.

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    This is how a good growth chart can be observed because at the end this is what works the most and this is how i have observed things which are working quite sensibly so yeah learning from them and going in a good direction is the actual way for it.
    Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.

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    Thanks for sharing!
    I also want to share with you another useful Add Multiple Products to Cart Extension that can help customers to order quicker and more convenient
    - Add multiple products to cart at once in the product list pages
    - Allow admin to control which products/categories are available to multiple adding
    - Apply for simple, configurable, bundle and downloadable products

    For more information, please go to

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    Brainvire Multiple Cart extension for Magento lets you buy the simple products in a minute, just by selecting the products through check box and adding the quantities for each on the list page itself and adding them t cart. [know more]

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    Great! Thanks for sharing!

    Let me introduce to you guys another Magento Extension which can help customers add multiple products to cart. It's Magento Ajax Cart.

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    Magento Ajax Cart ($39.00) is a very useful extension for Magento store. With this extension, your customers can add as many products to cart as possible or remove items from cart without having to hit “Update” button and wait for pages to reload.

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