We are happy to release Magento Product Labels extension. This extension allows Magento store owner to add label images for any product picture.
Product Labels extension helps you highlight your products by using visual images. You can upload your own image and add custom text. This label and text will be displayed in product picture in frontend and help you attract more customers.
This module allows you to add product labels by 2 options:
- Add label for a specific product
- Add label for certain products using conditions.
Full Features List
  • Display product label in product detail page
  • Display product label in category page

  • Create label for unlimited products using predefined rules
  • Create label for a specific product
  • Upload 2 different images for displaying in category and product page
  • Add custom text to display above label image
  • Add custom CSS for displaying label
  • Set date period for label to display
  • Select customer groups which can see label
  • Set priority for displaying label
  • Select up to 9 position for a label
  • Set label for display for in stock or out of stock products

Find out more information about demo page at our product page: http://www.magebuzz.com/product-labels.html

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