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Magento Mass Product Actions helps to remove or assign products to categories, specify related products, and apply other monotonous actions in bulks.
This extension can be used as a mass product relater tool: you can quickly update the associated items for a set of products. The same applies to Categories - any number of products can be added to or excluded from a category (or categories) in one go.

The extension also allows you to mass update Attribute Set for a group of products, making it extremely easy to re-arrange the store catalog. It allows merchants to copy custom options from one product to any number of others.


- Assign or remove multiple products to / from categories
- Mass assign or remove related products
- Copy Custom Options from a specified product
- Change Attribute Set for multiple products
- Works through its own backend page
- Increase/decrease prices in bulk in a few clicks
- Populate related products, up-sell & cross-sell blocks
- Delete products in bulk fast, remove product images

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