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Magento Mobile Application - Mobile App Builder For Magento Stores

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    Default Magento Mobile Application - Mobile App Builder For Magento Stores

    Magento Mobile Application - Mobile App Builder For Magento Stores

    In the context of mobile worlds, when all online shops are available to be accessible on ipads, iphones, smart phones, a mobile app builder to help move your online shop to the famous

    markets specializing for mobile devices is more than expected for and very highly recommended. We are proud to introduce you an innovated Magento extension that can create your

    mobile Magento store on such the digital platforms as Android, Iphone, IOS effectively. Bring your Magento store to the high tech place today! Only be possible with Mobile App Builder


    Integrated eCommerce +mCommerce: Seamlessly integrates with your existing Product catalog, Checkout functionality and Account management.
    Payment Method: Enjoy the flexibility of multiple payment gateways in your mobile Magento store. Mobile App Builder for Magento Storesallows you to set one or more than one of the

    Custom Theme Options: Mobile App Builder for Magento Stores allows you to customize the look and feel of your app so your app completely reflects the brand identity that you have

    built and maintained for years
    For both IOS and Android Platforms: you don’t need separate plugins for Android and iPhone applications. Mofluid Magento plugin will give you both…
    Avail your Mobile App Instantly: Download, install, configure and voila you have your app ready!
    Easy App Release on Google Play Store and iTunes Store: You don’t need to wait for us to release your app on Google Play store or iTunes because you can easily do it by yourself.
    Easy Integration with your Magento store
    Sync your mobile apps with your Magento store
    Customize the application theme of your choice
    Available on both Android and iOS platform
    It’s a no brainer. You don’t need to have a programming knowledge to launch your app.
    Preview your app before a launch
    You can do versioning of your app
    Release the app with a click of a button

    Product Detail: Magento Mobile Application

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    You can also take a look at Magento Mobile Store by EcomExtension.
    Find here What is Magento Mobile Store? and Why Magento Mobile Store is important? for Business Growth.

    You can also have a look at this Creative Video to Know more about our valuable Services.

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    If u want to build your mobile app in just a seconds with a effective graphics then the best option is Mofluid.You can check here :

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    If you are interested in building a native Magento mobile app builder then I would suggest you to use readymade solution for this purpose. On that note you can try Contus M-Comm. It is basically a readily built Magento Mobile App solution. This solution is basically a native solution. Therefore the Magento mobile app built using this solution is a native app and is steadfast in terms of performance.

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    Additionally, there are many advantages associated with this solution.

    *It takes hardly a week to build a native Magento mobile app.

    *The Magento mobile created using this solution is very much customizable. Also it gives ample scope to perform technical refinements in the future.

    *You get an exhaustive list of features like deep linking, payment gateway integration, push notifications, coupons, rewards, location based services, pending order notifications.

    Visit : Contus M Comm

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    Hi there,
    Thank you for your helpful sharing
    Everyone can also try Magento Mobile Theme by Cmsideas to:
    1. Quickly and easily create a storefront optimized for mobile devices so customers can shop even when they’re on the go. Very beautiful and popular.
    2. Beautiful mobile menu: menu for each category. It is very flexible and useful.
    3. Useful Search tool: your customer can search from any page and showing correct products.
    4. Smart Shopping cart & Fast checkout: Mobile theme Magento provides you Smart Shopping cart together with Fast checkout. Your customer can access shopping cart anytime and anywhere. They are user-friendly and easy to use.

    You can visit for more infomations
    View more out Magento Themes:


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