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Magento sorting by newest product position

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    Thumbs up Magento sorting by newest product position

    When we build magento shop for our customers, many times we meet the requirements from customer about sorting newest product first. And we know many people will need it. So, don't waste money to use an expensive magento development time, let follow this simple ways with one of 3 ways to get it work very easy Magento Sort by Newest Products Solution

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    Thanks for sharing, I like the first one, I always think we have to install extension to have it

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    It's great to let customers different types of sorting to find the products they need.
    You can also use sorting by bestsellers, review count, date added, rating, etc., check out this extension

    Name:  demo-sorting-navigation-labels.jpg
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Size:  79.5 KB

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    Magento Advanced Sorting Product List - Magento Sorting Pro by Cmsideas- $39
    With Magento Advanced Sorting Product List extension, the data of product sales, ratings, and viewings will be counted automatically then get them to top of searching results based on each relevent sorting option



    + Sorting by "New" - products’ creation dates

    When customers choose New in Sort by list, new products will be shown at the top of search result. Store owners can attract customers who often follow new fashion trends by using custom date attribute for managing the order of products appearing on the search result for this sorting option.

    + Sorting by “Biggest saving” - the best product offers:

    By using this sorting option, you can offer the best deals for customers. The larger the difference between the normal price and discount price of a product is, the higher the position of this product is on the search result.Customers always look for the best deals among the stores, so make use of this sorting option to show your special offers.

    + Sorting by “Best sellers” - product sales:

    Best seller products are always believed to be great products. Customers often think that if many people buy this product, it must be good. In addition, store owners can set period for which the sales are counted to be bestsellers.

    + Sorting by “Most viewed”- product views:

    This sorting option is based on the number of product views. It lets customers know the popularity of products. Store owners can set period for which the product views are counted.

    + Sorting by “Top rate” and “Review counts” product ratings and reviews:

    Rating and Review which are given for products by customers can make new customers trust more because when shopping, customers often look for objective information.

    + Sorting by “Now on wishlist”:

    When customers consider buying any products, they will want to know whether fellow customers wish to have those products or not. That will definitely affect on their final purchase decisions.

    + Sorting by “Quality”:

    This sorting option will display products based on their quantity in stock. The higher the number of products in stock is, the higher the position of the product is on the search result.

    DEMO | Magento advanced Sorting | Magento Package

    NOTE: Magento Packages - Comprehensive solution- now discount 50%
    Magento packages 2- ONLY $132.5 for Add Columns to Order Grid in Backend, Extended PDF Invoice, Magento Full Page Cache, Magento Advanced Sorting Product List and Magento Mobile Theme

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    Make your search faster, smarter and relevant! Yes, this is possible now by configuring Advanced Search with Solr Extension in your e-store.

    Advanced search with Solr extension is a power-packed enterprise research platform having plethora of useful features to make the product search more relevant and faster. When two powerful platforms integrate – the results are unique!

    This is what we have tried to yield by integrating Magento with Solr – united two giants to simplify the product search if you own a large store with myriad of products range, making it cumbersome for your customers to search the products of their choice.

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    Our Products on sale has same feature for discounted products.

    All the products that are sold at a discount will be moved to the top of the category. In this case, you visitors will always notice that products and more likely buy them.

    And you can add a "Sale" category what would be very handy

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    First, you should know that the position is saved in the relation table catalog_category_product, so without filtering by category you will not have this data. In theory you could join the relation table without actually filtering by category, but which row will you use? Usually products belong to multiple categories.

    Your product collection is independent of any category, so it will contain products from different categories. Does it really makes sense to sort these products by position within an arbitrary category? You decide. But I would recommend adding a product attribute. If you call it "position" and add it as static attribute, i.e. as field to the main table1, you can use the code as it is. But to avoid conflicts with the position inside a category, I would choose a different code. Also, if you don't add it as static field, but as normal EAV attribute, you have to use addAttributeToSort('position') instead of setOrder('position').

    A general recommendation: Instead of addAttributeToSelect('*') load only the attributes that you need. In product listing, the following is usually sufficient:

    ->addAttributeToSelect(Mage::getSingleton('catalo g/config')->getProductAttributes())

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    Hello folks, here you can also check out one more - Advanced Sorting Magento 2 Extension. It helps to add custom sorting options to your store to make the product search process easier for customers.

    Name:  Advanced-Sorting-Magento-2-Extension.png
Views: 33
Size:  52.4 KB

    The easy sorting option makes the product search comfortable and time-saving for customers. It allows them to find their desired products quickly without much effort. Further, it helps store owners to boost more sales by displaying the best seller products.

    This extension gives effective options to users for product sorting – by Best Sellers, Most Viewed, Biggest Saving, Rating, and many more.

    With the help of this module, the store owner can exhibit their most popular products smoothly and boost its sales in record time.

    Name:  advanced-sorting-settings.png
Views: 33
Size:  18.2 KB

    Name:  advanced-sorting-catalog-storefront.png
Views: 48
Size:  153.9 KB

    Highlighted Features:
    • Provides a fully customizable interface of the extension from the admin side.
    • Ability to enable/disable this extension from the backend. Very easy to manage.
    • Store owners can select multiple sort options from the backend.
    • Store owner can set default product listing sort by from Catalog -> Storefront.
    • Make your store more user-friendly to increase profit – more orders for you.

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