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Mofluid-A Moblie App Builder For Magento Store

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    Default Mofluid-A Moblie App Builder For Magento Store

    One of the big advantages to developing apps is the fact that there are now a range of app stores for various mobile devices that makes it easier to reach a wider audience. The advantage of these app stores is that because they are centralized distribution hubs for apps they get much greater amounts of traffic then the developer’s individual websites, and so the potential for you to connect with a wider audience is proportionately greater.Name:  iphoneapps11.jpg
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    Possibly, the biggest advantage about mobile apps for local businesses is that mobile phones are with people all the time. Face it, these days, most of us would be handicapped without our mobile phones. It is where practically 90% of our lives are, our daily schedules, reminders, contact lists and with smartphones, our connection to the outside world. Our phones are with us all the time, it is an extension of ourselves. As such, it makes sense that businesses keep in touch with their customers and prospects on the device that is always by their side 24/7.

    And get this – the smart phone boom is not going to slow down in times to come. It is only going to get bigger and bigger, therefore now couldn’t be a better time for local businesses to take advantage of this and start creating apps for their businesses.Read More for mobile app buider

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    If you are interested in building a native Magento mobile app builder then I would suggest you to use readymade solution for this purpose. On that note you can try Contus M-Comm. It is basically a readily built Magento Mobile App solution. This solution is basically a native solution. Therefore the Magento mobile app built using this solution is a native app and is steadfast in terms of performance.

    Additionally, there are many advantages associated with this solution.

    *It takes hardly a week to build a native Magento mobile app.
    *The Magento mobile created using this solution is very much customizable. Also it gives ample scope to perform technical refinements in the future.
    *You get an exhaustive list of features like deep linking, payment gateway integration, push notifications, coupons, rewards, location based services, pending order notifications.

    Visit : Contus M Comm

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