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With Product Quick View Magento extension, your customers can save their time when they click on any product to view its details. Thanks to this, customers do not have to go back and forth on category listing and product pages many times to figure out what they need; instead, this module can show necessary product information to customers in a lightbox through Quick View icon. Moreover, Magento Quick View allow your buyers to see the full description without reloading pages and which will help them instantly buy the product without wasting time and risking to leave due to slow page loading. When a description is too long the slider is used to manage it.

More Features

Allow to add products to Cart and Wishlist from the product popup
Supports all product types of Magento
Integrate seamlessly with your current Magento template
Allow to use configuration settings simply & easily
Can get the Add to cart button of your current website template automatically to match Quickview style with your current Magento template
Allow to set custom title for Quick View button
Set custom color for the product image on mouse over
Configure what information is to be shown on Product popup such as review, short description
Add product to cart
Enable to show QuickShop button on all product grids, product widgets, product blocks not only the product category pages
Supports all major browsers
No core hacks
Work fine with any third-party themes and third-party Magento Extensions
Nice designed extension.
Support all magento from 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x

Product detail: Magento Quick View Pro

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