Let your customers post products they buy/ view on your site to their Facebook profile and provide real-life examples of product usage. Let them take active part in the pictures contest rated by facebook like system, voting, adding comments by (Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail) and benefit from it!

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Top Reasons to Buy !

- Bring customer interactions to a high level !

By create a social networking with pictures contest for users will attract a lot of visitors to become members and get benefit from your site.
They also can update contents for picture introduction to attract other users to vote/Like by Facebook/ add comments. Reply on the results, Ad will announce winner of the contest and send coupon code to the winner who can use the coupon code to buy the products on the main site and recieve incentives on price.

- Get more and more customers and orders !

The images will demonstrate better than anything else how popular your products are. So visitors will trust your products and place orders much more and make order decisions much faster.

- Easy to create promotion campain for your site !
It's very easy for you to decide and create promotion campaign for your products and customers based on the results of pictures contest.

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