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Magento Advanced reports - Esssential best premium extension for Magento store !

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    Default Magento Advanced reports - Esssential best premium extension for Magento store !

    It's always difficult for you to check reports of products, customers, orders... in the back-end of your Magento site. So, we created an extension for magento called Magento Advanced reports.
    Magento Advanced reports brings 8 report options for you .With this extension you can check reports of products, customers, orders... in the back-end of your Magento site. It's designed and developed to help you have the perfect solutions for your reporting with visual charts and tables.

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    Magento Advanced Report extension allows you to select the report by one or multiple stores or all stores and it's available for all types of report

    It allows you to select "custom date range" options available in dropdown-box such as: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last week (Sunday - Saturday), Last business week (From Monday to Friday), This month, Last month, ... This drop-down box is available for all type of report and it's an advanced feature for you to take advantage of

    Adcanced Reports allows you to select report from date to date you want and it also allows you to filter the report by order status. Two features are available on all type of report. Presently it's providing 8 report options for you to select as follows:

    "Sales by Country" report It allows admin to make and see report by Countries, Admin selects from date and To Date then report is shown.

    In the report, the world map will be shown with different level of colors for countries according to the number of orders
    In the report, you can see the percentage, number of orders and total cost for each of countries
    You can export report to csv file
    You can filter by order status to have a right report
    From this report, You can have good strategy for business ideas, campaigns ... for each of the countries
    "Sales by Customer Groups" report With Customer Groups report, you can see total orders and total cost of each customer group. So, you can have right solutions to focus on lead customers and increase sales and orders. Customer groups report will be shown as follows:

    A cricle map is for all customer groups showing with different colors
    A table list of Customer Groups will be shown with percentage, number of orders and total cost
    "Sales by Coupon code" report This report will show all coupon codes with a table list of information (mumber of orders, items, subtotal, tax, shipping, discount, total, invoices, refund...). So, you can know what coupon codes are effective and you will be able to create appropriate campaigns for the next run.

    "Sales Report" With this Adcanced Report extension , it's easy for you to see and check report details for the orders during a specified period. Reports will be shown in a table with columns for: orders, date of order, customer email, customer group, Country, Region, City, Postcode, Product names, Manufacture, Qty, Subtotal, Tax, Discount, Total etc... It's also easy for you to filter and search by text or values in columns.

    "Sales by Product" report This report helps you to see orders of the product by Day or Month or Year during a specified period. Therefore, you will plan proper strategy for each of the products. Report on Sales by product also has advanced features and options for you to use such as:

    Search Suggesion available for Search SKU field
    Reports viewable by Day, Month or Year
    Reports to show empty rows or not
    Report sortable by period, Quantity, and total columns
    "Sales by Hours" report With this report, you will know exactly how many percentage, numbers of orders, total of orders are made in every one hour of a day and the report can be shown during a specified period which you selected. Thanks to this, you can make right decisions on sales campaigns for each hour of the day. Sales by hours report is having the features as follows:

    Diagram available for the total number of orders with 24 hours/day
    Order status is updated and filtered by every one hour
    Table list viewable for orders in 24 hours/ day and hour, percent, number of orders and Total columns
    "Sales by Days of Week" report This magento report operates quite similarly to "Sales by Hours report". The difference is the report be shown with each day/ week. This report is also having a diagram for the total number of orders per day/ week. So, it's efficient to realize which days in the week get most orders. So, you can concentrate your marketing and sales plan on those days

    "New and Returning customer" report With this report, you can see how many new customers and how many returning customers have made the orders sorted by Day, by Month or by Year during a specified period as you selected. As a result, you can issue proper tendency for your plan or newsletter target... This report can also be viewed by a diagram for the rate of new customers and returning customers so that you can easily compare the growth rate of new customers and returning customers by Month or by year

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    Thanks for informative content.Its a really good magento extension.As we seen in report that traffic volume is come from mobiles increasing day by day.So we need a mobile app so that user can direct shoping from their mobiles.
    Thus ,I will suggest to all that Mofluid.
    Molfuid has come up with the simplest solution to get iPhone and Android app for your Magento store. No coding required. No technical skills needed. Simply download and install this plugin in your magento store, fill in the details, customize the app for your brand and download more

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