List all of files with last change 24 hours in Linux is a very good way to detect malware problem, and/or the best way for you to know what happen with your server if the performance change.

Here is my experience with all of ways we can do

1. List all of last modified files

Let 's use this shell script code

find $1 -type f -exec stat --format '%Y :%y %n' {} \; | sort -nr | cut -d: -f2- | head
or simple command

stat --printf="%y %n\n" $(ls -tr $(find * -type f))

2. Last change files in 24 hours

And here is the magic what we want to do

find -cmin -N
What "-N" is the minutes to who for current folder

Or you can do in easiest way

find . -mtime 0

find xstream -mmin -1440 -ls
Good luck for coding!!!

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