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How to shorten the time for building mobile store app?

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    Default How to shorten the time for building mobile store app?

    Time is money”- is an undeniable statement which anyone especially business people has to bear in mind in this fast-growing mobile commerce era. Therefore, their demand for a building a mobile app for their e-stores is quite reasonable. However, things never come as easily as they wish. The problem of app building time arouse like an aching wound embarrassing them all the time. How to tackle this problem? This question is quite hard to find the answer.
    18 weeks for an app to be built!
    It’s not a joke but a sad truth proved by after they carried out a research into app development. 18 weeks is the average time for an iOS or Android app to be developed from building backend to frontend. In detail, backend needs 10 weeks to be completed from data storage to versioning process while the entire frontend building requires at least 8 weeks to be processed. It appears that each company has its own demands, human resources and limited budget; therefore, the time for building its own app will be shorter or even longer than 18 weeks.

    For some companies, 18 weeks is not so problematic and they can wait for their own app but not e-commerce companies nevertheless have a little bit time for waiting when mobile commerce is exploding. That is the reason why 79% of large online retail store still do not have mobile optimized site or mobile app, according to
    So what is the solution for this problem? Some say that it is no solution to shorten the time to build Magento mobile app. Some say that they are researching and developing.
    Want to find out the answer now? check SimiCart now! the new version will be released in March and promised to be the most suitable solution!:
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    Thanks for your sharing
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    Very simple. Go to ready made solution for Contus M Comm in short period.

    *100% Customization
    *Be unique
    *Auto Sync
    *Advanced features like Multi language, multi currencies, push notification, payment gateway integration's, loyalty points, deep linking etc..

    Apply this solution for all kind of opensource eCommerce platform like magento, opencart, prestashop, woocommerce etc..

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