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Free Add Multiple Products to Cart Magento Extension for Your Online Store

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    Default Free Add Multiple Products to Cart Magento Extension for Your Online Store

    "Add Multiple Products to Cart"

    Customers come on the website and have to do Multiple add to carts on Category page to add Products to Cart. Sometimes they need to go inside the Products details page to change the Quantity if they want more then one.

    The extension makes this process much more comfortable for customers. With it, Customers can select multiple products and add all to the cart with a single click. This extension will allow the users to enter the Quantity from Category page itself.

    This will ease the shopping experience of the Customer and allows Customers to add bulk products with Single Go.

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    When it comes to buying online these are things on which the buyer take care i mean this is what the thing is which works towards the betterment and kind of important this is,Shopping experience has to be decent especially when its about, ladies accessories they are quite conscious about that so buying it has to be easy.

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    Multiply something that appeals to the moment,The thing is online shopping has its own impact i mean when its about learning from things which works in quite a positive way and at the same time because this concept has grown a lot it all works positively.
    Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.

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