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Automate the process of creating related products in your Magento store

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    Default Automate the process of creating related products in your Magento store

    Hi our Magento friends,

    We are happy to announce that our Magento Automatic Related Products extension is officially released. Such a module enables automatically creating and displaying related products in many positions in: product page, category page and shopping cart.

    Here are its remarkable features:

    - Automatically display related products for each block according to its predefined conditions
    - Allow admin to create different blocks for product detail, category and shopping cart page.
    - Ability to display several blocks in the same page
    - Ability to set priority for each block
    - Ability to set start & end time for block display
    - Ability to set customer group & store view for each block
    - Provide different predefined positions for each block

    If you find this extension be helpful for your store, don't hesitate. Come to our store and download it

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    I have used it for a bit and i guess it was really good at its uses,The thing is when we really bother growing and learning something from it surely you get to see many things that are working in a positive direction and because finally we can learn about moving in the correct direction its good progress.
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