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7 Tips to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rates on Holidays

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    Hey you,
    One of the most challenging questions to ecommerce businesses today is how to increase conversion rates and gain revenues. Do you have any difficulty in turning web visits into action of purchase?. Have you thought about new ideas to boost this rate up during this time of winter holidays & festivals?. As an online store owner, don’t miss our sharing about 7 tips to increase eCommerce conversion rates on this special occasion!
    boost sale tips
    1. Get festive and decorated
    You start decorate your stores and office for the holidays, right? So why wouldn’t you decorate your online storefront or business site?! Get your website users in the Holiday spirit by decorating your website, social media accounts and email blasts:
    Make your store more attractive with snowflakes falling on Christmas season, colorful fireworks on New Year Event by decorative effects extension for your website. You can get it FREE here! (till Nov 30th)
    Or you can easily attract your customers with exciting label images and call-to-action texts like “50% Discount”, “Save $20 on this item today”, etc. In that way, the Product label module gives a great help in implementing marketing campaigns for a series of products at the same time.
    2. Be social and spread the holiday cheer!
    Use your social media platforms to spread the holiday cheer. Be careful not to bore your followers with a constant reminder of your products. Our suggested way to spread the cheer is to have holiday themed contests with holiday related prizes or gift cards that they can use on your website. Your customers can purchase Gift cards to present others and then recipients can use them to buy products at your store, which is a very hot trend in gift market nowadays. This idea for your store seems to be easier with Gift Card extension. Do you know that Christmas is one of two most occasions for giving gift card in 2012?.
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    3. Lucky & Gift everywhere
    Depending on your gift options for customers, you may also want to create some funny holiday related content in your website. The most frequent ways for store owners to bring excitement for website visitor are Promotional Gift & Lucky Draw.
    Having a win of any amounts always brings excitement to everyone, so entice customers into a fortune game right in your store must be the great idea. Lucky Draw extension helps you create sweepstakes/ lucky draw programs and reward customers who own prize codes.
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    Showcase of customer using Lucky Draw extension at
    Nearly 90% of free gift receivers said they were “somewhat likely” to buy more frequently from an online store after getting a gift? Instead of offering direct discounts, Magento free gift extension gives you an edge by running marketing programs which offer Customers free gifts when they purchase at your store
    4. Create a sense of urgency
    The shoppers will likely already shop with a sense of urgency as important day approaches. Increase that urgency to encourage your customers not to wait until it’s too late. Daily deal with specific time length remaining for special offers will support you strongly in this case.
    5. Offer some freebies
    Offer free gift wrapping (if applicable) or free shipping if you’re feeling generous. The fact of the matter is – if you don’t give consumers some sort of special treatment, they will find another provider who will. It is important to have some sort of hook to show your potential customers that you value their business. Magento Gift wrap help you save much time for this added value.
    6. Paid advertising
    Let’s consider some paid online advertising options if you have a suitable marketing budget for this holiday season. Google PPC campaigns and/or Facebook ads seem to be good starters. For Google PPC, it’s essential for you to dig into keyword research and content targeting. For Facebook, there are options for targeting people with specific hobbies/behaviors or from specific physical locations. Targeting is extremely important with paid advertising to help stretch your budget limitations. One reminder for paid advertising is that you should keep track of advertising result frequently and make comparison with other companies in your same industry field & scale. Don’t walk alone in this way and be ready to change your plan maybe week by week.
    7. Go mobile!
    In a projection released in September 2013, eMarketer predicted E-commerce spending in the United States would increase about 15.1% year over year in November and December—prime holiday shopping time. Spending during those two months would be total $61.8 billion, up from $53.7 billion in 2012. In which, M-commerce would account for nearly 16%. This percentage is a strong proof for the fact that Mobile commerce stands to gain a larger share of U.S. e-commerce sales this year.

    That’s why the last tip for store owner during this shopping time is to engage your ecommerce business with mobile as soon as possible. Magestore with SIMI cart – an iPhone app for Magento – the first and only app will help you to turn an e-commerce store into an m-commerce store in the fastest and easiest way. Just with $99 (down $200 from the original price), you will own a tool specially designed for Magento stores where products with many options can be supported.

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    I think that building a Magento mobile app for an ecommerce store is a great idea. The traffic will surely increase

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    Thanks for the tips, but I think users are attracted to services like interesting deals, save your money and other things like that. Actually user friendly atmosphere is so important in that case.
    There should always be an appropriate source for buying wholesale clothing and accessories and i guess it works for sure.

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    =>Patience, perseverance, and commitment
    =>Picking the right deals script
    =>Offering valuable deals to customers
    =>Following up existing customers
    These are also valuable things should be done for business. this might help business to become wider. For more info:

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    You can also improve the conversion rate by giving the bargaining option to the customers. It's motivate them to buy from your store because there are few stores which provide such services & many people who always prefer to buy from such companies, which provide bargaining option them
    If you have a Magento eCommerce store so please have a look on the extension, which enable your store to provide such bargaining service. Price Bargain Magento Extension

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    Good thing and making enough sense to understanding how it all can go well because that is how something grows according to me,Learning through these kind of tips especially the one which are fine enough i mean that help us in growing positively and learning many things.
    Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.

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    We have good extension that will help to boost sales on Holidays! Holidays is a sales time so be prepared to it.
    All your 'On Sale' products must be highlighted and perfectly visible. Our next plugin will help you to do it.

    Products On Sale plugin for Magento

    - Highlights discounted products with a special badge on thumbnails
    - Moves products that are on sale to the top of category
    - Creates a separate "Sale" category with the discounted items there


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