Magento V-Blocks Extension allows you to put a static block to any page which dont need to know about magento programming. This is very helpful for store owner to manage his website layout.
Features of V-Blocks

V-Blocks widget
Now you can place your promotional, advertising or any other block only on the product page, My Account page,Contact Us page, and all other pages.

Ability to specify V-Blocks displaying for different customer groups
The V-Blocks extension can be used as a powerful target marketing tool. Build your marketing strategy by showing different blocks for different groups of customers.

Ten (10) predefined block positions on each page
V-Blocks offers 10 blocks position with three visibility levels (category, product,general). See below for specific block information

Ability to place blocks on all pages
You can place your customer support link, tracking code,... to all page.

Ability to place blocks on specified pages
You can place your your block on specified pages. V-Blocks support for 59 kind of page. You can place your block on one or some of those pages. See below for specified pages.

Ability to place each block on certain catalog pages
You can select categories which you want block is displayed.

Ability to filter product attributes to place each block on certain product pages
Create rules to specify the product pages where blocks will be displayed

Block view scheduler
You can set blocks to appear from, to or between specific dates.

An unlimited number of blocks inside each position

An unlimited number of layout update inside each frontend app.

Multiple store view support:
You can add block to display one a store view and hide it on other store view. This can be also used for multiple language.

Customizable block and item sorting:
The order of your block?s appearance is determined by the ?Sort Order? attribute.

Easy and fast block content editing

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