As subject, this topic I got from and it impress me a lot because I see it 's too .... right. AIDCA is really The Best Secret to a Good Sales Page, Brochure.

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When ever you find yourself reading a professional sales page or brochure and you find yourself getting interested and either purchasing or signing up then you must know that you are reading something that has a whole formula behind it and the way it was written isn't just by chance.

Now it's time you learn that formula:

It's called AIDCA

AIDCA stands for

A Attention

I Interest

D - Desire

C Conviction

A Action

AIDCA is how to bring out the message in your sales letters/brochures:

This is how it works:

1] Get your readersattention Create an attractive headline

2] Subtitle Get them interested, this should be done by getting straight to the point, for example: Learn how you can drive traffic to your website

3] Desire the reader needs to have adesireto read your sales letter or brochure the reader wants to know one thing: whats in it for me?

4]Conviction This is where the key points to your marketing message should appear.

5]Action- This is where you are calling your reader to take action. You need to be very clear and straight forward, for example: Sign up now and get the $20 discount today!

Master this formula to grow your business now

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