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SEO Extension for Magento

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    Default SEO Extension for Magento

    The SEO Suite Ultimate extension was designed to optimize Magento stores. It's used by more than 5 000 Magento stores in more than 70 countries all over the world.
    It has all necessary features to optimize your store.
    Our Support team are always ready to help you to install and configure the extension for your website. We provide free support for conflicts resolving.

    URL Optimization

    • Store view independent Product URL Keys
    • Product URL Key Templates
    • Search engine and user friendly Layered Navigation URLs
    • Search engine and user friendly Product Tag URLs
    • Search engine and user friendly RSS Feed URLs
    • Search engine and user friendly Product Review URLs
    • Search engine and user friendly frontend Site Map URL
    • Enables title attribute for Category Menu links
    • Adds 301 Permanent Redirect for:

    HTML Header Optimization

    • Product Meta Title Templates
    • Product Meta Description Templates
    • Product Meta Keywords Templates
    • Product Name Templates
    • Product Short and Long Descriptions Templates
    • Dynamic titles for categories
    • Dynamic meta descriptions for categories
    • Opengraph support
    • Rich Snippets support
    • Character counter for Meta Title and Meta Description (available for products, categories and CMS pages)
    • Adds Canonical Meta tag with admin fine tuning
    • Ability to enter a custom canonical tag for products
    • Cross Domain Canonical Meta tag support
    • Defines single Canonical URL for products in multiple categories
    • Can use either shortest or longest Product URL for Canonical Meta Tag
    • Ability to define how the shortest or the longest canonical tag should be selected (the shortest and the longest tag can be calculated by the path length or by the categories number in the path )
    • Product URLs are equal to the canonical URL in every block like Related Products, Cross-sells, Up-sells and Search Results.
    • Ability to disable canonical tag for the Layered Navigation
    • XSS-vulnerability security enhancements for Canonical URLs
    • Search engine and user friendly dynamic titles for Layered Navigation pages
    • Search engine and user friendly dynamic meta descriptions for Layered Navigation pages
    • Adds Robots Meta tag with admin fine tuning
    • Defines 7 different Robots Meta Tag values
    • Ability to set default Robots Meta tag for secured / HTTPS pages
    • Ability to manually set NOINDEX, FOLLOW Robots Meta tag for specific pages
    • Ability to add NOINDEX,FOLLOW to the pages with parameters (now you can add NOINDEX,FOLLOW to the pagination pages and etc by adding "?p=*")
    • Ability to use Product short description for Description Meta tag instead of Product full description
    • Removes HTML tags and unnecessary whitespaces from Description Meta Tag
    • Ability to enable "Enable Link Rel="next/prev""
    • Ability to define a pager URL format for categories

    Google XML Sitemap Optimization

    • Adds all Product Images to Google XML Sitemap with watermark and customizable size
    • Adds Product Tag URLs to Google XML Sitemap
    • Splits Google XML Sitemap into multiple files by size or number of links and creates Sitemap XML Index
    • Generates correct Google XML Site Map files with links equal to Canonical URLs
    • Can hide specific CMS Pages (e.g. 'Enable Cookies' or '404 Not Found' page) from Google XML Sitemap
    • Ability to add custom links to Google XML Site Map
    • Ability to exclude specific products, categories and CMS-pages from XML sitemap
    • XML-sitemap path includes correct domain name (for multi-websites stores)
    • Support of 5mln(!)+ products shops

    Frontend Sitemap Optimization

    • Replaces default Site Map footer link, e.g.
    • Displays all store links (Catalog Categories, Products, CMS Pages) on a single Site Map page with a hierarchical structure
    • Can hide specific CMS Pages (e.g. 'Enable Cookies' or '404 Not Found' page) from Site Map
    • Can show links to different Store Views on Site Map page
    • Ability to add additional links (footer and custom links) to frontend Site Map
    • Ability to define page title for HTML sitemap (per each store view)
    • Ability to define meta title & description for HTML sitemap (per each store view)
    • Easy customizable Site Map layout with CSS

    SEO Reports

    • Display separate reports for products, categories and CMS pages
    • Find pages with long meta title and meta desciption
    • Find pages with duplicate meta title and meta description and display duplicated pages (you can find all duplicates easy and correct them)
    • Provide a tool for finding all the pages to be optimized

    Dynamic Templates

    • Ability to create dynamic templates for:
      • Product Name
      • Product Short Description
      • Product Long Description
      • Product Meta Title
      • Product Meta Keywords
      • Product Meta Description
      • Category Meta Title
      • Category Meta Description
      • Category Meta Keywords
      • Category Description

    • Ability to apply the templates at once to all the products
    • The templates for meta title, meta description, meta keywords and URL keys can be applied to specific products only by emptying these fields for selected products
    • Price attribute shows the price range for bundle, configurable and grouped products
    • Ability to specify different templates for each store view
    • Date of every template's change is tracked and you can always see when the template was changed last time

    Search engine and user friendly URL examples

    If you have any questions, just drop us a line.

    SEO extension for Magento by MageWorx.

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    Magento rich snippet is also one of the most recommended magento extension for SEO purposes. It displays your product reviews/ratings in the search engine results.

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    I like magento demo !!!
    magento product labels
    magento one page checkout

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    Checkout Magento SEO Space is one of the most complete Magento SEO extension that exists today for Magento store owners. It consists various SEO functionalities that helps you optimize your pages content, images titles, meta descriptions, canonical URLs and much more.

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    SEO Data Template Manager will help you set the SEO attributes for your online store. You can optimize your online store according to the latest requirement of search engines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kristenhanna View Post
    Magento rich snippet is also one of the most recommended magento extension for SEO purposes. It displays your product reviews/ratings in the search engine results.
    Yes, you are right, rich snippets are great for attracting more attention in SERPs. They can be added with this extension. It also supports Twitter Cards.

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