Dear all Magento buddies,

Affiliate marketing can be a great marketing tool that one undertakes. It clearly has its advantages over traditional advertising and promoting schemes, so why aren't you taking full use of this marketing tool? Hope that after exploring the extension, you're, to some extent, convinced that doing business with affiliate campaigns is the easiest and fastest way to raise your sales volume!

Magento Affiliate Extension allows you to award commission rates to affiliate accounts that produce results, motivating them to promote your products and get your name out there. It is both the stores and customers getting benefited with this kind of module.

Such an extension converges a lot of features that can help you to manage affiliate campaigns efficiently. Let's see how it works & what benefits it brings to you + In our product page:
+ In Magento Connect:
+ Through live demo:

Especially, Affiliate is chosen for the special deal of today! Hurry up becos it's only-one-day promotion.

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