A New Free Responsive Magento Module has been release for your eCommerce Site: SM Search Box

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This module helps users easily find information according to categories. It's built fully responsive with 2 search forms: Basic and Advanced Search. Users can search quickly with basic search and suggestions on popular keywords or find exactly what they are looking for with advanced search based on name, description, price, sku...

The Administrator Backend is clear, intuitive and easy to understand, you can create your own custom search engine and put it any position you want. This is really a compact, utility module and indispensable for any eCommerce site.


Main Features

1. Support Magento Community Edition 1.7.x
2. Fully compatible with IE8+, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5 and Chrome
3. Allow to show popular search or not
4. Allow to show Advanced Search or not
5. Allow to set limit the number of popular searchs
6. Allow to show more popular search and name this item
7. Support SEO, pre- and post- text with each instance

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