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Easy way to get file extension in PHP

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    Post Easy way to get file extension in PHP

    I use this code many times in my projects and now I share you this useful code. Sometimes in coding a very simple task can take you a lot of time to make a perfect solution. To get a file extension sometimes take me 30 mins to do the perfect code what work well in all of situation. But now it should take one minute with this code:

    PHP Code:
    function get_file_extension($file_name) {

    This simple method of file extension retrieval should be reused throughout your code.

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    Get The File Extension In PHP. Getting a record augmentations from a PHP string is a critical undertaking on approving a document for a transfer. For instance in the event that you have a document uploader which you just need to use for picture transfers then you have to approve the record augmentation is of a picture expansion.

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