Magento out of stock notification helps in regaining the customers. As of now many online shoppers might visit a online shopping cart having some particular products in their mind. If it is not found they might be deceived and their visit might be decreased. As very visitor is valuable, now there is a possibility to regain them by Magento out of stock extension. When the visitor leaves the store they might subscribe for notification by mentioning their email id. When it is back to stock the subscribed visitors might receive an notification with the help of Magento out of stock message. So now there is no tension in loosing visitors and it helps to turn out the visitors to customers.

  • Supports all types of products such as Simple product, Virtual product, Grouped product, Bundle product, Configurable product and Downloadable product
  • Admin interface is easy
  • Enable/disable the out of stock alert option
  • Admin can filter and find the highly requested notification with the help of product name/ product id
  • Increases the sales of product by keeping on updating your customers about the product stock availability at the site

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