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Magento Shipping Settings

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    Post Magento Shipping Settings

    This section describes how to specify shipping options, such as the origin used for shipping rate calculations and whether to enable the multiple shipping destinations feature.

    Configuring shipping settings and shipping methods enables you to provide customers a selection of shipping methods with shipping rates during checkout. Magento CE includes extensive integration with major shipping carriers; for USPS, DHL, FedEx, and UPS you can create shipment orders and print shipping labels right from the Magento CE Admin Panel.

    To define general shipping options:

    1. In the Admin Panel, select System > Configuration > SALES > Shipping Settings.

    2. In the Current Configuration Scope drop-down list in the left upper left corner, select the scope for which you want these configurations to apply.

    3. Click the Origin and Options tabs to expand the page to display the shipping options

    4. Configure the options to match your store.

    5. Click Save Config to save your changes.

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    Hi there! I am a beginner with Magento and I can not solve a problem !
    In practice, when I checkout , the cart, as shipping method leaves only the flat rate , while the other shipping methods (which are not activated ) , I do not appear . Why do I get only the flatrate ??
    I also installed and enabled the module " webshopapps Matrix Rates " but still I do not appear.
    Please help!

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    Thanks Golddev for a good guide.

    Please check the following configuration in that Shipping method
    - Enable: Yes/No
    - Allowed Countries: All or specific countries.
    - Region if any.

    If you are using One step checkout extension, please check your vendor if support that shipping method or not.
    Like this One step checkout, it supports webshopapps Matrix Rates

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