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What is difference between SIZE and SIZE ON DISK in Windows?

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    Your question is what I wonder some years ago . The reason is quite simple. Files are stored on the disk in what is called called clusters (a group of disk sectors). Size on disk refers to the amount of cluster allocation a file is taking up, compared to file size which is an actual byte count. The lowest cluster size for FAT32 is 1, so if the actual file only needs a small portion of the cluster, the size on disk for that file will reflect the entire cluster as being used. This is why when you check the properties tab of a file, you will usually see the size on disk size is larger than the file size.

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    The document measure on plate would be 4096 bytes. So the real size of a file(s) or folder(s) ought to dependably be taken from the Size esteem when seeing the properties window. Source: What's The Difference Between Size And Size On Disk In Windows Folder Properties.

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