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Why is Magento an Ideal Solution?

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    Cool Why is Magento an Ideal Solution?

    One of Magento’s best properties lies in the fact that it is a system for content management that specialises in e-commerce. It tackles all of the relevant aspects, from setting up an e-store to showcasing and categorizing products, payment methods, and dispatch services, not to mention means of interacting with customers. All of these features are automatically accessible with Magento. The platform is also frequently updated to keep up with the development of international e-stores.

    To demonstrate Magento’s properties and its usefulness to entrepreneurs who are keen to establish developed e-stores, we will be focus on those developed features of Magento that are most suited to the business sector in the Middle East.

    First of all, we need to alert the business sector to the fact that the Magento market is amongst those with constant movement in the field of applications. There are hundreds of applications in the Magento market which suit of all the needs of an e-store owner. With Magento, you do not need to search for a developer to add new features onto your store; you and your staff can manage your e-store simply by using Magento's applications.

    In this article, and in following ones, we will detail all of Magento’s features. He we begin with the e-store Admin Panel.


    This is where the products of an e-store are being displayed.

    The catalogue displays products according to the following:

    1- Price

    2- Name of product

    3- Status of product (visibility optional) – a feature most useful when a product is in the manufacturing phase

    4- Quantity

    5- Type of product, which can be:
    - Simple
    - Complex (or made-up of more than one simple product) – an example on this is “shoes”. Shoes come in different sizes and colours and in this case, one pair of shoes is a complex product consisting of more than one simple product, which in their turn are a choice of size and colour

    - Intangible – this type of product is not quantifiable, like software

    - Downloadable – a customer could download a file they purchased after payment had been confirmed, like a research paper or a film

    - Products can be displayed in groups of 20, 50, 100, or 200

    - Products can be displayed in an ascending or descending order

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    Yes, Magento platform offers exemplary ecommerce web design solution packed with so much punching power and versatility that allows users to gain maximum leverage to their e-businesses regardless of size.

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    I too agree this point. Not alone Magento is a ideal solution but also it is a boon for ecommerce society. For its user friendliness, extension list, open source or out-of-box features, Magento is being loved by its users for a plenty of reasons. Please find the link for your reference:

    Plenty of top online retailer brands are relishing on having created their eCommerce stores under Magento platform and I am sure you’d be surprised to know who they are? Listed below are few of the top brands innovating and growing their businesses with Magento Enterprise and Enterprise Premium:
    Health Ceramics
    Nike Australia
    International Military Antiques
    NSF International
    Warby ParkerReed & Barton
    Gifts that Give
    OMG Jeans
    Sierranevada gift shop
    Lindt LA Boutique
    OMG Jeans
    Relax The Back
    Bing Lee
    Naf Naf
    Paul Smith
    Fiji Water

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    This is always an interesting topic, it depends on the company. The simple way to determine the platform to use is by revenue, for companies with revenue in low $10s thousands then WordPress, mid $10s thousands osCommerce/Zen/Prestashop, $100s thousands Magento CE, $3million+ Magento EE, $14million+ Hybris and then the large enterprise solutions such as ATG & WebSphere. The wrong tool for the wrong target revenue either puts the company out of business as they have to sell too much to justify the cost, too low a solution and the visitors & Google will not bother. Each platform can be coerced higher, but it requires a lot of experience with other tools in that category to downsize the knowledge. Magento CE can be made to work in $millions revenue but it is stupidly difficult, we saw consultants from much larger environments do it as they just added the pieces missing that Magento could not handle internally via external solutions, but that was not normal.

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    Yes, you are absoulutely right. Magento is the best solution eCommerce solution for online entrepreneurs. There are so many features that make Magento offers to create an outstanding online presence.

    Also, you get endless customization options. So, you can easily customize your online store the way you want to and make your business stand out from the crowd.

    With the help of highly advanced themes, extensions you can create a feature-rich web store to help you generate thousands of dollars each month.

    Let's explore the Advantages Of Using Magento For Your Ecommerce Store:
    1. Improved Performance And Scalability
    2. Multi-Store Functionality
    3. Mobile Friendly
    4. Enhanced Security
    5. Advanced Search
    6. Marketplace Integration
    7. Product Listings Made Easy
    8. Reporting And Analytics
    9. Proper Shipping Management

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    That's very useful. However, I want to raise a bit different question. What's about a platform for creating an app? Personally, I read this site to decide what I would choose: flutter or react native.

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