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    Post Create Your Extension

    Extensions may be developed for a variety of functional areas of Magento as well as for interfacing with 3rd party web applications.

    Below, we only hightlight several guidelines reagarding creating your extension. The detailed information can be found when you operate to create your own extension.


    Price should be accurate and reflect the fair market value of the extension. If the extension is offered on the developer’s site as well as on Magento Connect, no pricing discrepancy is allowed. Any free extension shall be available to download directly from Magento Connect. You may not use Magento Connect free extensions to market other products and services.

    Paid Extensions

    A paid extension for Magento Community, Magento Professional or Magento Enterprise must contain a direct link to the extension itself listed on Magento Connect. This page must include detailed information about the extension, including price, warranty, support, and contact information. Your company homepage or other products not related to this specific extension cannot serve as a direct link.

    Enterprise Extensions

    Developers who are members of Magento’s Partner Groups, Solutions Partners or Industry Partners, may designate their extensions as “Enterprise Edition” extensions. If you are not a Partner, you may not use the word “Enterprise” or “EE” in your extension name, nor may you include any reference to Enterprise Level or Magento Enterprise.

    Use of Magento Logo in your Extension Images

    You can use a small Magento Logo on your extension icon, but it must be absolutely clear that the extension was not developed by Magento.

    Naming Your Extension

    Do not use the word Magento in your extension title, domain name or user name. Sub domain or /directory may include the word Magento.

    Extension Packaging

    Each submitted Magento extension needs to be packaged prior to submission.

    Installing Extension

    Installing and uninstalling procedures can be found in the next posts.

    Approval Process

    During the approval process, developers should track the status of their submitted extensions in their Magento account. Once you have submitted your extension, your status will change from Pending to Submitted. If you have submitted your extension and it is listed as Pending this means there was a problem with your extension. The majority of extensions listed as Pending happen due to the extension not being pakaged correctly. If your extension meets all the guidelines and is listed as Pending, you may contact the Magento Conenct team at[email protected] to further discuss the issue.


    Magento Connect is designed as an extension marketplace, not as a general directory of complimentary products and services. We do not allow the selling of services related or unrelated to Magento products.

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    Good tips. You have explained them in a simple way. I guess any newbie can also understand this forum and will try to implement. I have also recently built a magento extension.

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    Thanks ,Your content is really informative.Surely this will help to create new extension for magento....
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